Our Fabrics

Over 70 years of experience in the creation and production of fabrics of 100% linen, blended linens and 100% cotton.

A collection that features a range of articles including batista of the finest linen, byssus, bissoni, emiane, embroidered fabrics, tele a fili contati, tele assisi, crepe, operati, a'jour, satin, jacquard, aida canvas, calicot, organza e muslin.

The height of our articles vary from a minimum of 70cm to a maximum of 325cm. The weight meanwhile starts from 70gr/msq – for the lightest and most transparent – up to 250gr/msq – for those that are more compact and structured.

Over 500 fabrics for household linen and many others for clothing and accessories available at the storehouse for every need.